A downloadable game for Windows

Imagine, that you're being hated by everyone. What would you do? Would you cry in the corner, commit suicide or try to beat your enemies to death?

Well, the best idea is not to touch anyone and to play Nary - a hardcore procedurally generated rogue-like runner, in which you're supposed to use your keyboard knowledge and reaction speed in order to get to the end!

Gameplay features:

- Randomly generated levels which will make each of your runs unique!

- Each foe has a set of letters, chosen from the six main ones (A, S, D, Z, X, C), which represents it's health points.

However, you can't just mash everything, because if you fail too much, you won't be able to kill this particular enemy. The amount of times you can fail is shown by the crosses below enemies' lives.

- Randomly generated sceneries have their own features, which require you to use the special abilities (such as Dash, Double Jump and Gravity Shift).

Also, you can play different game modes including Reverse (press wrong keys to kill the enemy), Onepunch (all enemies have one health but there are tons of them), Coin Maker (get your screen flooded with coins and orbs, while decreasing their value), Speedrun (ridiculously high speed) and many more coming.


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